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Getting my scooter services

When I first bought my scooter, my boyfriend said that he'd do all of the servicing at home. He never seems to have time though, so I end up needing to take it in the auto service place myself. They think it's pretty cute doing the work on a girly scooter, and it's really not too expensive to get it serviced regularly. It's certainly less stressful to take it into the workshop compared to nagging my boyfriend to do the work, and it's also done better. This blog is for other scooter owners and moped riders who need to know about servicing their vehicles.

How Car WIndow Tinting Can Affect Your Health

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, either as part  of your job, or in long daily commutes, you may be at risk of suffering serious  skin damage. Recent studies have found that those who spend considerable time driving have an increased risk of developing skin cancer. While most people are fully aware of the risks of exposure to the sun while outdoors, many do not consider that there is also a risk when inside a vehicle. Read More