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When I first bought my scooter, my boyfriend said that he'd do all of the servicing at home. He never seems to have time though, so I end up needing to take it in the auto service place myself. They think it's pretty cute doing the work on a girly scooter, and it's really not too expensive to get it serviced regularly. It's certainly less stressful to take it into the workshop compared to nagging my boyfriend to do the work, and it's also done better. This blog is for other scooter owners and moped riders who need to know about servicing their vehicles.

How Car WIndow Tinting Can Affect Your Health

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, either as part  of your job, or in long daily commutes, you may be at risk of suffering serious  skin damage. Recent studies have found that those who spend considerable time driving have an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

While most people are fully aware of the risks of exposure to the sun while outdoors, many do not consider that there is also a risk when inside a vehicle. Follow this guide to make sure you are fully informed and protected.

Does Your Windscreen Protect You?

Usually car windscreen glass is treated so that  it partially blocks some of the ultra violet rays from the sun. However, these rays travel to us in the different forms of long wave UVA and short wave UVB rays.

The window glass is able to provide protection against sunburn which results from the UVB rays. Unfortunately,  the windscreen does not effectively block the long and deeply penetrating UVA rays which cause long term damage. Additionally, the side and rear windows are completely unprotected.

Reasons to Consider Car Window Tinting

It is now fully recognised  by the Cancer Council of Australia that car window tinting with specialised film, reduces the amount of UV radiation from entering a vehicle.

Therefore it is a wise precaution and makes perfect sense that your fist step should be to obtain the best available level of protection  by installing window tinting on your vehicle.

 You may have some concerns and think that window tinting means having very dark glass and are perhaps a little put off  when considering  your driving visibility, particularly at night. Fortunately window film technology has experienced some major technological breakthroughs.

 There is a new generation of window tint films; gone are the days of discoloured, dark and bubbled windows

What to Expect With Today's Window Tinting Films

Window films are now manufactured using  sophisticated metals such as titanium to block heat and  high temperature resistant acrylic adhesives that allow the thinnest and cleanest bond with glass. The addition of scratch resistant coatings produces an extremely durable long-life product that blocks out heat and ultraviolet light.

You can opt for the exact level of shading you desire. You may select  a completely transparent film that leaves your vehicle with its original appearance. These films are practically invisible from both outside and inside the vehicle and do not alter the true colours of objects from either viewing side of the glass.

Alternatively, you may opt for a lightly tinted film, or choose one as dark as the legal requirements in your state allow.

Window tints are regulated according to a darkness percentage which determines how much light is allowed through the film. Percentage figures range from the darkest films, which have the lowest percentage, to the lightest shades with the highest percentage figures.

Besides protecting your health, window tinting offers some other major benefits which add to the comfort levels in the vehicle.

Reduction of Driver Fatigue

Driving with the glare of the sun or bright headlights in your eyes is extremely uncomfortable and annoying. It causes excessive squinting and leads to fatigue. Window film can make your day or night driving experience much more comfortable by removing this annoying strain, as the glare factor is significantly reduced.

Reduced Energy Loads on Car Heating and Cooling Systems

During summer, the window film rejects a major percentage of the sun's heat from passing through the windows. This means that  your car's cooling system will not require as much energy and will not need to work as hard to maintain a pleasant temperature.

Likewise, in winter, the film reduces heat loss through the windows providing a much reduced load on the heating system.